Tirzitis Entertainment is founded by Rasmus Tirzitis who has been working in the film industry for fifteen years. Tirzitis Entertainment wish is to leave the audience with the impression that they have taken part in an exciting and dark story and have followed the main characters on an emotional journey.

Tirzitis Entertainment first became known for the Youtube phenomena Star Wars: Threads of Destiny (2014) and have been seen by more than 10 million people & is currently is currently co-producing a feature film with a Hollywood company called ITN. The Huntress – Rune of the Dead will be released this fall.


Rasmus Tirzitis is an editor and director from Sweden.

Rasmus have edited films like Fröken Julie (2013)  Rasmus have been awarded in Hollywood, among other things for the best direction and editing for Vilsen/Ave Mater (2016). Besides directing and editing films, Rasmus is also a movie trailer editor with over one hundred trailers under his belt.

He has loved story-telling since he was a boy, and has been raised on a healthy diet of comic books and drawing. He has dedicated his life towards the entertainment medium.

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